Nostalgic memories of yesteryear.

Eric Bottomley's paintings capture an age of innocence, when steam was king, trams rattled through our streets and a car ride was an adventure. You can recapture these golden days with a print direct from the painter himself. Each print is carefully crafted in original colours and is specially treated to minimise fading. Eric also undertakes commissions from individuals, preservation societies and companies.

Eric Bottomley G.R.A.

Born in Lancashire in 1948, Eric is one of the United Kingdom's most famous transport artists. Over the past 30 years his work has been faithfully reproduced in fine art prints, cards, ceramics, calendars, book jackets and posters. Each of Eric's paintings is painstakingly researched to ensure it faithfully recaptures the spirit of this bygone age. Eric now lives and works in the picturesque village of Much Marcle, Herefordshire, England.

London transport in early 1900s

No matter how much you would think of it, you cannot imagine a world without transport. If at first we used animals and their power to move from place to place, things have evolved a lot and we now use transport that includes bicycles, car, buses, planes and trains. However, the transport used in current days is very much different than the one we used in the early 1900s. Visit London Transport Museum and watch the interesting evolution of London transport.

Explore the heritage of London transport

Discover how people travelled in London in the early 1900s. Come to London Transport Museum accompanied by an astonishing London escort girl from and wander through the Museum Galleries together. Find how transport played a vital role in the city’s success, especially because London had a population of 7.5 million in the 20th century. Watch the light horse-drawn cabs that were maneuvered on London’s streets in the 1800s, admire the horse-drawn trams that were used from the 1870 and take a look at the early models of railways – used to transport people around even since 1836.

In the early 1900s, electricity began to be used in London transport. The central parts of the lines of District Railway and Metropolitan Railway were electrified and Londoners were transported in carriages hauled by electric locomotives. You and your companion from London Escort Guide will hear interesting stories regarding the transport in London. Ask your guide from the museum to show you the only survivor steam engine that ran underground in the 1860s.

Transport underground was definitely a challenge for the engineers, who had to find the best way to move passengers up and down in a safe, clean and reliable way. Deep Tubes were launched around 1900, time when the streets of London were dominated by the horse-drawn vehicles. Horses hauled everything from private carriages and cabs to trams, buses and even delivery vans. No wonder there were more than 300,000 horses that kept London on the move.

As you and your companion will soon find out in London Transport Museum, horse-drawn vehicles were outnumbered by motor taxis in the year 1915. Admire the motor cars exhibited in this museum, listen to your guide telling you how electric trams and motorbuses were used by everyone, to transport them everywhere and find out how Metro-land and suburban lifestyle were promoted among people who lived in London and surrounding area.

Discover the first vehicles with your companion

Back in the 1920-1930, people were transported around in a safe, efficient and comfortable manner. Because the move from horse-drawn vehicles to motorized ones resulted in many fatal road accidents, they had to impose important rules and speed limits to avoid the unnecessary deaths. It is good to know how much things changed since then. Discover the origins of electric trolleybuses, watch how wheels slowly replaced rails and admire the first models of cabs and private cars.

Pay a visit to London Transport Museum and see how Londoners were transported around in the early 1900s. Venture in the amazing galleries by the side of your companion and see the first steps made towards the current London transport!